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Favorite Coffee

Stop in and buy some of your favorite coffee to make anytime you want! Or you can order some for your home here!

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Breakfast & Lunch

Sandwiches and more — always made with the freshest ingredients. See more of our menu Or contact us to order.

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Party Trays & Catering

Call our stores to find out about catering or party trays for your next event.

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Petite Lafitte

Meet our mini king cake – Petite Lafitte!

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Red Velvet Cake

Our Red Velvet Cake has been a standard at Rao’s for years…Made with our own cream cheese filling and icing. Then covered with red velvet cake crumbs to give it a great look. Check out the rest of our menu to see the other prices and sizes or contact us to order!

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Rao’s cakes are great for parties, special occasions — or just for cake… Turn to Rao’s for all your needs! See more of our menu for pricing and sizes, or contact us to order.

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Apple Cinnamon Loaf

Any way you want it that’s the way you eat it…Toasted with butter, sliced by itself, bake with our bread pudding recipe, or eat it like french toast. Either way, you can eat it all up! Check out where you can order your own here!

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Ugly Mug Contest

Sign up now to win! Click HERE to register to win your own Ugly Mug!

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The Dobashe

Absolutely delightful… Made with our traditional white and our double fudge cake along with rich vanilla and chocolate vienna fillings. Iced with our creamy fudge icing and covered with walnuts. Check out the rest of our menu to find prices and sizes or contact us to order!  6″ round, 8″ round, 1/4, 1/2, log & full sizes

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We make our gelato from scratch right here at Rao’s…All of our ingredients are imported from Torino, Italy. It’s as authentic as it is delicious. See more of our menu for pricing, or contact us to order.

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