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Order Your King Cakes

Get the Mardi Gras season started with one of our delicious King Cakes! King Cakes are a New Orleans tradition made of pastry, laced with cinnamon, and iced in the Mardi Gras colors of purple, gold, and green. Contemporary pastries often have different fruit and cream cheese fillings. Included with each King Cake is everything you need to have your very own Mardi Gras at home! Cake serves 20.


Prices include shipping cost!
-We ship our product using FedEx over night shipping services. **We are not responsible for weather delays!
-We ship out Monday-Thursday only. Delivery dates are Tuesday – Friday.
-Orders made after 2pm will not ship until the next day.
-If the shipping address is DIFFERENT than your billing address, you must select “CHANGE” on the shipping address confirmation page in PayPal, otherwise it will automatically ship to your PAyPal billing address.


Package includes the following:
-3 strands of Mardi Gras beads
-plastic baby sealed and packaged separately
-King Cake History flyer.
-To and From card (IMPORTANT: Add a “Note to Seller” in PayPal to tell us what to put on your card.)


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Traditional Cinnamon King Cake $45.95

Ship Date (Mon-Thurs only)
Sender’s Phone Number

Strawberry King Cake 

How do you want it?
Ship Date (Mon-Thurs only)
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Blueberry King Cake 

How do you want it?
Ship Date (Mon-Thurs only)
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Raspberry King Cake 

How do you want it?
Ship Date (Mon-Thurs only)
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Large King Cake with a Petite Lafitte (Mini King Cake)
NOTE: MINI KING CAKES CANNOT BE SHIPPED ALONE! (They are available in stores for individual purchase.) Petite Lafitte is now available in two flavors, cinnamon and strawberry.

Large King Cake Flavor
Mini King Cake Flavor
Delivery Date (Tues-Fri only)
Sender’s Phone Number

Voodoo King Cake $49.95
Dive into our chocolate and coconut King Cake!

Ship Date (Mon-Thurs only)
Sender’s Phone Number

Extra Dozen Strands of Beads — only $9


Need it Delivered by 10:30am?
For $10 dollars, FedEx guarantee’s it will arrive by 10:30am!